We are a South African based branding, graphic design and digital agency, delivering
strategic communication solutions to clients operating across a wide range of industries.


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“Between stimulus and response there is a space.
In that space is our power to choose our response.
In our response lies our growth and our freedom.”

- Viktor E. Frankl

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Latest member to join our team

We would like to welcome Michelle Nicholls to our team. Michelle has been tasked with looking after our valued clients, at Thought Capital we believe service defines a company and we expect great things from Michelle. In her short time here she has already contributed a ton of energy and enthusiasm

ThoughtCapital’s Newest member

ThoughtCapital extends a warm welcome to Cornelias Nkokha, our new kid on the development block. Cornelias is a laid back coding machine with a soft side. His witty and confident presence has become a great source of entertainment within the ThoughtCapital team.

Collective Africa launch

The birth of a notion. Collective is a new concept store launching in the Michelangelo Hotel, Sandton.   ThoughtCapital was tasked with creating a brand prestigious enough to be associated with Charles Greig Jewellers. The brand has been molded and evolved to become a fusion of counterparts; Ea

New kid on the block

Our newest team member, Tanya Hoffman The newest addition to the ThoughtCapital team is Tanya Hoffman, our very own digital designer. Born and raised in beautiful Zambia, Tanya brings an exciting mixture of creativity and technical know-how to our studio. In only a few short days, we’ve already le

About Us

From graphic design studio in 1993 to brand consultancy and digital agency in 2015.

From graphic design studio to digital consulting agency.

ThoughtCapital was established in 1993 as a graphic design and communications consultancy. Founded with the intention of providing a 'single source' design solution, it has evolved into a reliable, well-managed through-the-line graphic communications studio. There are several major efficiencies that arise out of a "single source" scenario, not least of which is the cost-efficiency and effectiveness that is derived from an ability to provide a complementary and complete communications programme. Simply, this should alleviate the kind of budget dissipation so often caused by the "mixed-messages" which often result from using several Agencies to handle the various elements of the creative mix.

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